Once Upon This Hook Blog Launch!!!

It’s finally here! I am very  happy to introduce you to my crochet blog! I know it doesn’t look like much right now but that is something I am hoping to change during the course of this year! Thank you for checking it out!

There are two different menus on this blog. The top one is the main menu. Click on About Once Upon This Hook to learn a little bit about me. To find Once Upon This Hook on other forms of social media hover your mouse of Social Media text and a menu will drop down with links to my Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram account, and a link to my Snapchat! story as well! My original crochet patterns can be found by clicking on Patterns, including my very first original pattern for my Blossom Stitch Cowl! To see pictures of my projects made from tutorials and other designers free patterns click on Pictures, where you will also find links to the tutorial/pattern I used. Giving Back is where you will find information about charities I am making crochet items. The second, bottom menu is where you will find links to external crochet resources from sites like Ravelry & Craftsy to some of my favorite crochet blogs and other crochet sites found by clicking on Blogs & More.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my very first crochet pattern. Remember to follow this blog to get updates for when I add other crochet patterns!