Free Crochet Pattern Release: Blossom Stitch Convertible Cowl

Convertible Cowls. These are among some of my favorite patterns I have come across since I started being an active crocheter. I love that this kind of item has more than one function. I was inspired to make a blossom stitch convertible cowl after happening across the Goddess Crochet’s Ponytail Hat Neckwarmer. And come to find out, I was happy with the result!

The first time I attempted to make this item I used a variegated yarn (no clue what brand due to be donated to me and lacked label) that I had no clue how to use. Fortunately, this yarn worked up real nice with the blossom stitch and I absolutely love the way it came out! There were only 2 issues I had with the end product: the neckwarmer fit a bit too tightly for my taste and I used a FHDC as a cord.


Not being entirely satisfied with the end result of my first attempt at this item, I decided to have another go at making it with a few alterations to improve upon it. This second time I used a solid yarn (I Love This Yarn!) so I had to make another small change to the pattern. Even though I like the way variegated yarn worked up in the first attempt, I thought it would be nice to use a solid color and really get to see the blossom stitch more clearly. Plus, I had no extra variegated yarn on hand I could use. This time I opted to use a 2 Stitch I-Cord, which came out much thinner than the FHDC, which I had anticipated would happen despite this being my first time making one. I was much more pleased with how this attempt came out, as far as comfort of the cowl, but I do prefer the look of the variegated yarn one I made.


So here it is, my second FREE crochet pattern release! I hope you enjoy this item as much I do! To view the pattern on this blog, CLICK HERE! Here you will also find a link at the bottom of the page to where you can download the PDF of the pattern.

Wish you all happy hooking and a lovely summer weekend!



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