Happy Labor Day Weekend & Once Upon This Hook’s Sailor Moon CAL will be…


Hope everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend! This past week I have been working on making some Harry Potter inspired Delaney Slouch hats. This batch is in Hogwarts House Slytherin colors! I absolutely love the way these came out and am most definitely going to have to see about doing Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Gryffindor colors! My next batch of items I will be working on is making up some more Bourbon Blossoms Infinity Scarfs.


And now for the moment I know some people have been waiting for since I announced I was putting together a CAL for next year. So what will be this Sailor Moon themed CAL? A c2c (corner to corner) pixel afghan! Before the end of the year I will be releasing information regarding yarn colors & estimations, a tentative schedule of when the parts of the afghan will be released, and a sneak peek at what it will look like!

I am mostly finished with the designing process, but still have a few details to work out before I can work on the yarn estimations. My goal is to have some yarn estimations released before Thanksgiving, a tentative schedule before Christmas, and a sneak peek at the design on New Year’s Eve! I am hoping to start the CAL by late January or early February.