Bourbon Blossoms Headband Pattern Release

I finally am releasing my Bourbon Blossoms Headband pattern today! The pattern is basically my Bourbon Blossoms Infinity Scarf pattern on a smaller scale. I opted to use a Red Heart variegated yarn for this ear warmer instead of a solid color. I am quite pleased with the way it came out. The pattern is sized for an adult small but it can easily be adjusted for larger sizes.

In other news, I am mostly finished with some general yarn estimation for those of you planning on participating in my CAL who may want to work on gathering up some materials in advance. I am hoping to release the basic yarn estimations later this month. More specific yarn estimations will be released later as I gather up my own materials.

Hope you enjoy the new pattern! Click on the link below to be taken to the new pattern.

Bourbon Blossoms Ear Warmer Headband



Halloween Round Up: Free Patterns

October is here, which means that Halloween is right around the corner! Costumes can be expensive so how about going with a more affordable crocheted costume? Here are a list to give you some ideas of crochet costumes and all of these are free! Enjoy!

Repeat Crafter Me


Edith inspired hat (Despicable Me)


Snoopy Happy Dance



Black Cat





Cabbage Patch Doll





Sock Monkey

Gingerbread Man

Other Patterns:

Silly Wig

Lassie Wig Hat

Prince Leia Beanie/Wig

Twi’lek Hat

Super Mario/Luigi Hat

Cthulhu Hat

Witch Hat Video Tutorial

Princess Hat with Braids and Crown

Baldy Baby Hat (Technique)

Mandrake Baby Hat

Littlest Monster Baby Hat

Anna Cape (Frozen)

Elsa Hat (Frozen)

Adventure Time’s Jake Hat

Butterfly Costume (YouTube Tutorial)

FREE Ravelry Downloads:

Knights Helmet

Be A Knight

Child’s Firemen Hat

Whimsical Witch Hat

Jamaican Hat with Fake Dreadlocks

Cthulhu Beard Hat

Harlequin Hat

 Anna Bonnet (Frozen)