Gilmore Girls Graphgan CAL STARTS!!! — Chaos & Chop Suey (And OUTH Sailor Moon CAL info)

I have to make a confession. I like Gilmore Girls and I definitely made a priority to watch the newly released 4-part Netflix series. This started back in October, but I wanted to share it with my followers who may be interested in finding a new project soon. She has some very fun squares that tempts me to participate, though I know I can’t due to my very own CAL that I am in the works of still planning.

Speaking of my CAL, I first need to apologize for the wait for those who may be looking forward to greatly. I have been feeling really down lately and have slowed down on my crochet stuff a good bit. However, I am still planning on releasing some general information about yarn yardage and colors that will be used. In January I am hoping to starting collecting yarn for the project squares and begin work on the CAL. Likely the releases will be about every 2 weeks, roughly. But it also depends on how quickly I work up the squares. Thank you for your patience and I hope my Sailor Moon CAL will be worth the wait!

It’s here! It’s here! It’s here! (Totally say that in Lorelai Gilmore’s “Please, please, please” voice when she asks Luke for coffee in the very first scene of the entire show.) And by it I mean the graphgan crochet-a-long (CAL for those in the know)!! Today is the release day of the first square! I picked Luke’s […]

via Gilmore Girls Graphgan CAL STARTS!!! — Chaos & Chop Suey


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