Sailor Moon CAL: C2C

I’m sure some of you are anxiously awaiting to hear more information about (and to start) my planned Sailor Moon CAL I will be doing this year. The good news is that I am about to reveal a little bit more information regarding this project:

First, I would like to announce when this will begin. This CAL will start in March. A bit later than I wanted to start but I have some prep work to do before we begin this CAL and I want to ensure I have plenty of time to get ready. If you are planning to participate in this CAL project, I recommend following this blog (if you aren’t already) because over the next couple months I will be releasing bits and pieces of information regarding the CAL that you might find to be useful to have before we begin.

You’re probably curious about


You may have noticed a lot of C2C CALs that have been going on over the course of the past year. This is the technique that I am going to be using for the Sailor Moon CAL. Never tried corner-to-corner? Click here for a video tutorial and get some practice so you can get comfortable with it. Hope you find the tutorial helpful and keep an eye out for more information regarding the CAL coming to the blog soon.


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