C2C CAL Tips for first timers

Can you believe we are almost a month away from kicking off the OUTH Sailor Moon CAL? It will be time to get started on it before we know it!

This will be my first time doing a graphghan so I have been searching around for some tips to help with the project. You a first timer too? Don’t worry! This post is for you! Filled with tips for us attempting a graphghan for the first time. Click on the links below for c2c help.

One Dog Woof C2C tips/tutorials

  1. How to start a c2c crochet
  2. How to change colors
  3. How to decrease c2c
  4. How to weave in ends for c2c
  5. Complete tutorial for a small c2c project

Modular Crochet Bobbin Holder (to help prevent tangling)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a bobbin holder like the one in the link above but I have seen/read of different ways to keep the yarn separates. Some range from using a basket with knitting needles (used to hold the yarn) while some are more simple with using something you have one hand, such as cardboard to wrap the yarn. I have even seen one that used a hanger and clothespins and paper clips. I’m going to have to make it on a budget so I need to find something that is cheap. If anyone has an ideas, please do share!


Facebook group: coming soon

Due to request, I will be starting a OUTH CAL group on Facebook for all who want to participate in this CAL. I’ll post the link to the group closer to the date of the CAL.


Are you experienced with C2C graphghans? Have any tips of your own? If so, please comment and share below!


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