The Sailor Moon CAL begins…

It’s FINALLY time to start my Sailor Moon CAL. Took me longer to prep for it as anticipated due to some curve balls life has thrown me that threw me off track but I am finally ready to kick this project off.  I will be releasing 1-2 graphs per month.

Square #1: Sailor Moon

I am providing two different graphs for each square I will be releasing. The first graph is the original image (created on Kandi Patterns) I designed, which also provides information about how many squares of each color there is to help you with making sure you have plenty of yarn. I will update with specific colors as soon as I get everything together and begin on it myself within the next couple weeks. The second graph is a PDF file (link found below the graph image) that provides some directional arrows.


Sailor Moon Square 1 PDF

Please, remember when posting pictures on social media to use one of the following hashtags: #sailormooncal or #outhcal.


Sailor Moon CAL: Joining and Finishing PLUS Sneak Peek!

The much awaited Sailor Moon CAL is just around the corner! I, as many of you are, am quite excited about this project and I am happy to finally begin it. Before it begins I wanted to answer a question that some of you might have, will we join as we go or after? Though it would be more convenient to join the squares as we go, for this particular project, after much thought and consideration, I believe joining after finishing the squares (& panels) will be the best option. I don’t want to say much about why, but once I start releasing the squares I think you will understand the decision. I haven’t decided on the exact method I will be using but I know I want to do something simple.

As far as finishing off the squares for joining them, I will be using a similar method Chaos & Chop Suey used for her Gilmore Girls squares. Click here to find out more about how to finish the squares.

Unfortunately, due to some unexpected things that have come up in my life, I will be a little behind with starting the CAL BUT I will still be releasing the squares before the end of this month. My apologies for the delay to those who are looking forward to this project.

Here is a sneak peek at the first 2 squares for the CAL:


See you next time when the Sailor Moon CAL begins!

And remember when posting pictures on social media to use one of the following hashtags, #sailormooncal or #outhcal!