Sailor Moon CAL Square #3: Sailor Mars

Amazing how fast time flies! I had no idea 2 months has passed since I posted Sailor Mercury. My apologies for it being so long before posting another square and I am going to make my best effort to not let it happen again and I am going to try to release another square within the next couple weeks. To be honest, I just got caught up in other things that were going on.

Here is the next square to my Sailor Moon CAL!


Sailor Mars Square #3 PDF

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The Sailor Moon CAL begins…

It’s FINALLY time to start my Sailor Moon CAL. Took me longer to prep for it as anticipated due to some curve balls life has thrown me that threw me off track but I am finally ready to kick this project off.  I will be releasing 1-2 graphs per month.

Square #1: Sailor Moon

I am providing two different graphs for each square I will be releasing. The first graph is the original image (created on Kandi Patterns) I designed, which also provides information about how many squares of each color there is to help you with making sure you have plenty of yarn. I will update with specific colors as soon as I get everything together and begin on it myself within the next couple weeks. The second graph is a PDF file (link found below the graph image) that provides some directional arrows.


Sailor Moon Square 1 PDF

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Sailor Moon CAL: Joining and Finishing PLUS Sneak Peek!

The much awaited Sailor Moon CAL is just around the corner! I, as many of you are, am quite excited about this project and I am happy to finally begin it. Before it begins I wanted to answer a question that some of you might have, will we join as we go or after? Though it would be more convenient to join the squares as we go, for this particular project, after much thought and consideration, I believe joining after finishing the squares (& panels) will be the best option. I don’t want to say much about why, but once I start releasing the squares I think you will understand the decision. I haven’t decided on the exact method I will be using but I know I want to do something simple.

As far as finishing off the squares for joining them, I will be using a similar method Chaos & Chop Suey used for her Gilmore Girls squares. Click here to find out more about how to finish the squares.

Unfortunately, due to some unexpected things that have come up in my life, I will be a little behind with starting the CAL BUT I will still be releasing the squares before the end of this month. My apologies for the delay to those who are looking forward to this project.

Here is a sneak peek at the first 2 squares for the CAL:


See you next time when the Sailor Moon CAL begins!

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C2C CAL Tips for first timers

Can you believe we are almost a month away from kicking off the OUTH Sailor Moon CAL? It will be time to get started on it before we know it!

This will be my first time doing a graphghan so I have been searching around for some tips to help with the project. You a first timer too? Don’t worry! This post is for you! Filled with tips for us attempting a graphghan for the first time. Click on the links below for c2c help.

One Dog Woof C2C tips/tutorials

  1. How to start a c2c crochet
  2. How to change colors
  3. How to decrease c2c
  4. How to weave in ends for c2c
  5. Complete tutorial for a small c2c project

Modular Crochet Bobbin Holder (to help prevent tangling)

I don’t know if I’ll be able to make a bobbin holder like the one in the link above but I have seen/read of different ways to keep the yarn separates. Some range from using a basket with knitting needles (used to hold the yarn) while some are more simple with using something you have one hand, such as cardboard to wrap the yarn. I have even seen one that used a hanger and clothespins and paper clips. I’m going to have to make it on a budget so I need to find something that is cheap. If anyone has an ideas, please do share!


Facebook group: coming soon

Due to request, I will be starting a OUTH CAL group on Facebook for all who want to participate in this CAL. I’ll post the link to the group closer to the date of the CAL.


Are you experienced with C2C graphghans? Have any tips of your own? If so, please comment and share below!

Simple Stitch Tunisian Crochet Neck Warmer or Cowl

Before the end of last year I decided to challenge myself to expand my fiber arts skills. Giving Tunisian crochet a try is one of the ways I have chosen to meet this challenge. I have had this long Tunisian hook around and I figured it was about time I put it use.

For my first projects I decided to keep things simple and started with the Tunisian simple stitch. My first project was a cowl made with Red Heart Super Saver. After finishing this I decided to make a neck warmer using some Caron Simply Soft. Below you will find some notes for these projects if you are interested in making a simple stitch cowl or neck warmer yourself.

Don’t know what the Tunisian simple stitch is? Click here to see a video tutorial about how to do it.


Tunisian Simple Stitch Cowl (Blue)

Yarn: Red Heart Super Saver

Tunisian Hook: I

Size:  10 1/2 inches x 26 inches

Chains: 41

Rows: 93

When the cowl has reached the desired length, bind off (click here for a video tutorial) and seam the ends together. I used the mattress stitch (click here for a video tutorial) but you can seam the cowl together using whichever method you prefer.


Tunisian Simple Stitch Neck Warmer (Orchid)

Yarn: Caron Simply Soft

Tunisian Hook: I

Size: 9 1/4 inches x 23 1/2

Chains: 37

Rows: 90

When the neck warmer has reached the desired length, bind off (click here for a video tutorial) and seam the ends together.  I used the mattress stitch (click here for a video tutorial) but you can seam the cowl together using whichever method you prefer.

Pink on Pink Pussy Hat

A crochet pattern for a good cause. Click on the link below the picture to find out more and to get the FREE pattern.

I know, it’s been awhile since I posted and I can only blame crochet, gardening, grief, Handmade at Amazon, Etsy and most recently Instagram. Distractions are the key to my life so while I won’t apologize, I will try to catch up. I only recently became aware of the Pussyhat Project – a wonderful initiative […]

via The Pussyhat Project: Craftivism in shades of Pink — jessesmom

Sailor Moon CAL: C2C

I’m sure some of you are anxiously awaiting to hear more information about (and to start) my planned Sailor Moon CAL I will be doing this year. The good news is that I am about to reveal a little bit more information regarding this project:

First, I would like to announce when this will begin. This CAL will start in March. A bit later than I wanted to start but I have some prep work to do before we begin this CAL and I want to ensure I have plenty of time to get ready. If you are planning to participate in this CAL project, I recommend following this blog (if you aren’t already) because over the next couple months I will be releasing bits and pieces of information regarding the CAL that you might find to be useful to have before we begin.

You’re probably curious about


You may have noticed a lot of C2C CALs that have been going on over the course of the past year. This is the technique that I am going to be using for the Sailor Moon CAL. Never tried corner-to-corner? Click here for a video tutorial and get some practice so you can get comfortable with it. Hope you find the tutorial helpful and keep an eye out for more information regarding the CAL coming to the blog soon.