Blossom Stitch Convertible Cowl


This is my second blossom stitch design, a convertible cowl! Wear it as a cowl or beanie, your choice! When completed, your convertible beanie should have a height of 9” and a width of 10 ½“ when measuring the band. This is designed for a woman with a head circumference of 21” but could possibly fit a 22” head. The design is intended to be a bit loose so when used as a cowl, it fits over the head more comfortably. At the end of the pattern I include tips on how to adjust the size.


Hook: H

Yarn: Aran or Worsted (I Love This Yarn recommended)

Other tools:

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Tape measure recommended


CH: chain

SC: single crochet

DC: double crochet

SL ST: slip stitch

FHDC: Foundation Half Double Crochet

V-ST: V Stitch (DC, CH 1, DC)

Special Stitches & Tutorials:

Blossom Stitch

Foundation Half Double Crochet


Crocheting into Hidden (or Third Loop)


FHDC 84 and join with the first HDC. This should measure to be 21½ inches before joined.

R1: SC across into the hidden (third) loops, SL ST into first SC. (This will create the first chained rib.)

R2: HDC across, SL ST into first HDC.

R3-R7: Repeat rows 1 &2.

R8: SC across, SL ST into first SC. (You should have a total of 4 chained ribs.)


R9: CH 1, SC in ST, *SK 1 ST, V-ST next ST, SK 1 ST, SC in next ST* repeat across, SL ST into first SC.

R10: CH 2, DC into SC ST, *CH 1, SC into V-ST, CH 1, DC into SC ST* repeat across, SL ST into first DC. (This completes your first blossom row.)

R11-26: Repeat rows 9 & 10. (You should have 9 blossom rows total.)

R27: SC across into the previous rows SC & DC & over the CH 1s between.

R28: CH 2, *FPDC in next 2 SC, BPDC in next 2 SC* repeat across, SL ST into top of first FPDC.


R29: CH 1, SC across, SL ST into first SC and then cut yarn and weave in ends.

Next you will need to make a cord to weave through the FPDCs and BPDCs. I made a cord using Foundation Half Double Crochet for my first attempt, but opted for more thin I-Cord for my second time making this convertible cowl. If you opt to use a FHDC as a cord, I recommend making the FPDCs & BPDCs into Triple Crochets. Weave your cord of your choice starting from the center of the front. I recommend leaving either 2 or 6 DCs in the center untouched.


*To give the convertible cowl a more slouchy look add an extra row of blossom stitches which will give you total of 10 blossom rows.

*To make a larger (or smaller) size simply either add or subtract 4 FHDCs to fit head circumference. Also be sure to add or subtract a row of blossom stitches.

*Variegated yarn works up really well with this design, if you opt to use a variegated yarn, due to be slightly thinner, add an extra 4-8 FHDCs depending on if you want the cowl to fit more snug or loosely. (88-92 total for a 21” head circumference).


This pattern was designed and written by Kristina Adams and may NOT be distributed in whole or part or altered in any shape or form. You may sell all finished products made from my pattern. All I ask is that you please give me credit by linking to either this blog ( or my Facebook page (