Blossom Stitch Cowl


A nicely textured cowl made using the blossom stitch and a puff stitch border. I made my cowl using a worsted yarn but you can make it using the yarn of your choice and the hook sizes of your choice. I was inspired to design this after seeing CrochetN’Crafts tutorial for the blossom stitch. If you would like to practice it before working on the cowl, click here to be taken to the tutorial.

Hook: H & G (or desired hook size but I do recommend doing the border in a hook size down from the hook used for the cowl itself.)

Yarn: Aran or Worsted (or yarn of your choice of any weight)

Other tools:

Tapestry needle for weaving in ends

Tape measure recommended

Stitch marker recommended

Special Stitches:

Puff Stitch


CH: chain

SC: single crochet

DC: double crochet

V-ST: V Stitch (DC, CH 1, DC)


Cowl (H hook or hook size of choice)

To start out you will need to chain using the multiple of 4+1 to desired width of the cowl. I opted to chain 25 which made my cowl’s width of about 4½ inches.

CH 25 or desired number of chains using multiple of 4+1 (if using a stitch marker, place marker in the last chain made)

R1: CH 1, SC across, CH 1

R2: V-ST in the third chain from the hook, *skip one chain and then SC in the next chain, skip the next chain and then V-ST in next chain*, repeat across and end with a sc in last chain.

R3: Turn work and CH 4. These first 4 chains will count as your first DC and the first CH 1 in the second row.

(SC, CH 1) into the first V-ST, (DC, CH 1) into next SC. Repeat across and end with a (DC, CH 1) in the last SC (if you using a stitch marker, this will be the marked chain)

Turn work and CH 1 (if using a stitch marker, move marker to this CH)

*This completes your first row of Blossom stitches

R4: V-ST into first SC and then SC into next DC. Repeat across until end with a SC in last DC (3rd CH or SC in the space)

R5- R73: Repeat R2 and R3 until you have 36 Blossom stitch rows or until you reach desired length.

Join ends using preferred method.


Puff Stitch Border (G Hook or hook size down from hook used for cowl)

Attach yarn for border in the open space to the left of the cowl seam.

CH 1 and 2 SC in same space

*Puff stitch in next space, 2 SC in next space* repeat around. (You should end with a Puff stitch)

Slip stitch into first SC to complete the first side.

For the second side you will do the same as the first side except you will start with 2 SC (this is so both sides match each other)


This pattern was designed and written by Kristina Adams and may NOT be distributed in whole or part or altered in any shape or form. You may sell all finished products made from my pattern. All I ask is that you please give me credit by linking to either this blog ( or my Facebook page (






4 thoughts on “Blossom Stitch Cowl

  1. I’ve never heard of the blossom stitch. I know Rhelena and her patterns are great inspirations. Congrats on starting your NEW crochet blog. ^_^ Good luck on paying off your student loan debt. It took me years and that was nearly 20 years ago.


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