Once Upon These Needles

While this is a crochet blog, I have decided to expand my skill set and have decided to give knitting a try. One of the reasons why I decided to give this craft a shot is because I have found myself in a bit of a rut with crochet. The second reason is because I would like to start designing knook patterns for projects that will mix crochet and knitting textures. But how does learning to knit have anything to do with that? Though I could just jump right in just using the knook to make knit textures, I think learning how to actually knit before that will be more beneficial. I think it will make things easier because I find knooking takes a bit more time, and is more difficult,  than actual knitting.

This part of this blog has been made to share my journey with knitting and, for any fellow crocheters you may be interested in taking up the skill,  I will share the tutorials and resources that I use along the way and the occasional blog post about my knitting progress.


Knit Tutorials